By: Adam H

Choosing a domain name nowadays is tougher than few years back. The reason of difficulty to find the right domain is that most of the domain names have been taken. A single person can register hundreds of domain under his name and keep renewing the domains to sell at higher prices.

Here are some basic methods to get the right domain.

1. Before we go further, we need to know “what is the domain name?”
A domain name is the part of a network address that identifies it as belonging to a particular domain or the unique name that appears in the URLs for your web sites.

2. Unique name is always sweet: Most people prefer a unique name which can be easier to remember and faster to find over the internet, it also helps to boost google ranking.

3. Always choose shorter names. It is always wise to choose a shorter domain name than the long bulky name, which is hard to remember and difficult to type in the address bar, better make your domain as shorter as you can.

4. Be clever about your Domain Extensions. As we know that Old is Gold, the oldest extension of the domain is .com and it’s still well demanding and most popular among all extensions. Dotcom extension is SEO friendly, and this is the main reason that these domains are hard to find. Everyone who wants to go to a URL address is always going to try a .com first and then the rest, so try to get a .com extension first and if you are unable to find any of your desired domain extension then go for .net, .org and etc.

5. Domain should contain a Keyword. Always go for a complete keyword domain, for example if your business is related to books and you are selling books online or on store then your domain must contains the word “Books” in it. Keywords containing domains always come first in search engines (SEO).

Bottom line

In bottom line, before choosing a domain name for your business, you must know the domain name should be easy to remember, easy to type and easy to search over the internet.

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