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Steps To Building A Great Website

Steps To Building A Great Website

Whether you are a freelance photographer, own a hardware store, have another type of business, or have a church or ministry a great website is essential for success. As a webmaster who has worked on building or marketing several websites,…

As A Christian, What Should My Website Say?

As A Christian, What Should My Website Say?

I have a lot of  friends who watch a lot of Youtube videos, and on FaceBook, reading things mostly about what’s wrong with the world. Sadly, they won’t be running out of content anytime soon. The issues they cover run the…
Use SSL Certificates for foolproof security of your website

Use SSL Certificates for foolproof security of your website

By: James Smith Take the security of your website seriously Any website owner, who is dreaming of a growing and flourishing online, cannot underestimate the issue of security. The world of internet is full of threats and risks and winning…

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