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My family set out on the mission field a little over 50 years ago. We started an orphanage, a bible school, and several churches in Mexico. Fast forward several years and we saw the need to get the ministry online. My very first thought was that we needed to support a faith based company to help us get it done. After a lot of searching we found that there wasn’t any hosting or development companies out there that were faith based.

After a lot of prayerful consideration and a lot of schooling to learn how to do it, Delux Solutions was born. However, its original intent was only to host and develop sites for the family ministry.

But God had other plans! Other ministries began asking, “who did your website and where was it hosted?”  How would we go about getting something like that done? So I began to pray and ask God if this was what He had for me to do. I believe He answered and said, “I want you to do this for Churches, Ministries, and Christian owned businesses.”

We then set out and made it our mission to give this special group of people an online presence at affordable prices. We believe that it is so important to get the Word of God out and for Christians to support each others businesses. What a better, and more needed, media than the internet which is so full of the negativity of this world.

No, we are not a huge company with all of the marketing hype and lies. I can however promise you that as a customer of Delux Solutions you will be taken care of like nowhere else. We understand your needs as a faith based organization and will always do our best to work with you and make your online presence the best it can be.

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