Christify is one of our own online solutions. We wanted a place where all churches, ministries and Christian owned business could list their sites for Christians to find.

As believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and as business owners we must step out of the shadows and declare our beliefs and commitment to Him. We have to demonstrate our faith in our everyday lives and our business practices. Each of us must take our place and profess our belief in the Word of God and demonstrate it in how we conduct business with all of those we come in contact with.

At Christify we are dedicated in putting Christ centered businesses and the consumer together in a way that honors God. Also as believers is there any better way to spend you money than at a Christ centered business? Not only that but we wanted to provide a place where you can find churches and ministries that need our help and prayers.

Every dollar raised by this site through paid advertising and listings goes back to serving the Lord, through tithes, offerings, missions, community events, reaching the lost, etc. No Church or Ministry will ever have to pay for a listing.